I'm unable to load the Sky Panel pages

If you are using Google Chrome to access the Sky Panel ( you may see the following "Loading Application" message if you left your login session open without logging out, and your session timed out: 

This may happen if your browser session is trying access a cached (stored) version of the web page. The following instructions pertain to Google Chrome as this issue should only affect certain versions of Chrome. If you are using another browser, you can follow the same process to resolve this issue.


Follow these steps to resolve this:

STEP 1: Close all MarketBolt windows and tabs in Chrome

STEP 2: In the Chrome menu go to "History" --> "Show Full History":


STEP 3: Click the "Clear browsing data" button:


STEP 4: Choose "the past week" (or more) in the drop down menu, then select to delete "Browsing history", "Cookies and other site and plugin data", "Cached images and files", and "Hosted app data". Then click the "Clear browsing data" button as shown below:



STEP 5: Close Google Chrome altogether and re-open it. Then go to It should no longer be stuck on "Loading Application" and you should be able to login and access the Sky Panel.


More Tips

Try following the exact instructions above, and try deleting more than a week worth of browsing data. Makes sure that before you delete any browsing history that you do not have any tabs or windows open that are accessing the MarketBolt platform. After following the instructions above, you can also try restarting your computer and/or updating your Chrome browser to the latest version (if it isn't already.)

If you are using another browser and are getting stuck on the "Loading Application" message, you can delete your cache, cookies and browsing history in your browser menu/preferences, following a similar process, to resolve this issue. If you do not know how to do that with your browser, do a quick internet search for instructions.


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