Viewing Leads & Using The Contact Manager

This section will explain how to view leads generated from your website pages and their personal information that was submitted throught the web forms. 

IMPORTANT: Leads are only captured and displayed in your contact manager if you are sharing site pages that have lead capture forms enabled. 


Follow these steps to view your Leads:

STEP 1: Log in to The Sky at

STEP 2: Click "Aerial View" then "Leads" in the left-hand side menu:


How to read your Lead Data

If you have generated any leads from lead forms on your web pages your leads will be displayed like the example below:



Created - This is the date that the lead filled out the web form

IP - This is the IP address the lead submitted the form from

Referrer - This is the URL/Page that the form was submitted from

Name - This is the name the lead entered on the form

Email - This is the email the lead entered on the form

Phone - This is the phone the lead entered on the form

Note: Some lead capture templates may only require an email or name and email. If you are using these lead capture templates you won't see the other lead data displayed for certain leads if it isn't required on the web form those leads submitted.


How to run custom lead reports

To run lead reports for specific pre-defined periods do the following:

STEP 1: Click on the "Advanced Search" link:


STEP 2: Click the box beside "Select Date Preset", choose your time period then click the "Search" button:


To run lead reports for your own selected dates do the following:

STEP 1: Click on the "Advanced Search" link:


STEP 2: Choose your begin and end date next to "Select Custom Dates" then click the "Search" button:


How to save custom search filters

STEP 1: After running your custom search click the "Save Filter" link:


STEP 2: Give your custom search filter a name then click "Save". After, your custom search filter can be accessed in the "Search In" box on the leads page.


How to export your leads to CSV

To download (export) your leads to CSV click the "Export to CSV" button. Whatever search filter you have applied will be downloaded to your computer, whether it is all your leads or a custom search you've applied:


Tips & Tricks

By default, email notifications are turned on and if you use any web pages with our pre-built forms, when visitors fill out the web form you'll be notified you have a "leads". These email notifications come from so be sure to add that email to your address book and whitelist it. Click here to learn how to turn lead email notifications off.   If you have integrated aWeber with your account, you can also toggle email notifications inside your aWeber email list settings.

aWeber also enables you to do this. Once you have set up your aWeber account and put the email list ID in you CreateCloud, simply login to your aWeber account and set up automated follow-up message or send a broadcast to your leads. To learn more go here. If you don't have an aWeber account you can try it for free for 30 days.


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