Adding Your Company Username or ID

READ FIRST: The Company Username/ID is only used if you are subscribed to a custom marketing website with pre-built replicated marketing pages our team has designed for a specific company. This Username/ID is the identifier that is used in that company's replicated URL's and links the MarketBolt custom system with the company's join/buy process for an active member.

Please refer to the custom system members area (emailed to if you subscribed to a custom system) for additional information and video tutorials showing you how to find and enter this identifier for your company. If you are not subscribed to a custom marketing system please ignore this section.


How To Add/Edit Your Company Username/ID:

STEP 1: Log into The Sky at:

STEP 2: Click the "Start Creating" button on the main page:


STEP 3: Enter your Username/ID in the box shown:


STEP 4: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button:


That's it you're done! Make sure you test out your custom marketing system links by visiting the private members area for the custom system you subscribed to. You should test out the join/buy links on your pre-built web pages to make sure they are linking to your company replicated site properly.



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