What Are Domain Names & How Do You Use Them?


If you plan on forwarding a domain name (or sub-domain) to any of your web pages, DO NOT use domain masking. Domain masking is when your domain name remains in the browser bar at all times. This is achieved through an iframe but it is not supported by all browsers, particularly mobile and touch-screen devices. Domain masking may cause video playback and other web functionality issues. For this reason, we only recommend using regular http forwarding.


What are domain names?

Domain names are provided by domain registrars like and are available for purchase and ownership. You can register your own domain name (.com .net .org etc.) and choose to forward it to any of your web page URL's. We highly recommend members consider integrating their own domain name with their website.


Benefits of using your own domain name:

  • Send someone directly to your domain name and have them forwarded to your MarketBolt website automatically. 
  • Easier to type in and remember than the MarketBolt default links
  • Better for personal branding and easier to put on business cards and use in various forms of advertising.


How to register your own domain name:

There are many different companies you can purchase a domain from (domain registrars), but we recommend as they are one of the largest registars, have competitive pricing, and one one of the easiest to work with when it comes to forwarding your domain name. 

Follow these steps to register your domain with GoDaddy:

  1. Visit
  2. Search for your domain name and select one that is available
  3. Purchase your domain name then log into your GoDaddy control panel. 


After purchasing your domain name you will need the exact URL of the MarketBolt site/template you want to forward your visitors to (starting with http://) when they visit your domain name. 


How to forward your own domain name:

Once you know your MarketBolt URL you'll be forwarding your visitors to, click the link below to learn how to set up forwarding in your GoDaddy Control Panel:



How to create and forward sub-domain names:

In addition to forwarding your main domain name, you can also forward sub-domains. For example, you could create any number of sub-domains like through GoDaddy. Because there are multiple Web pages, this would allow you to create sub domains for multiple Web pages and forward them individually to specific pages.

Instructions on how to add and forward sub-domains through GoDaddy are found at the bottom of the page at


IMPORTANT: We only provide forwarding instructions through GoDaddy, our recommended domain registrar. If you have a domain through another registrar and need support please contact the domain registrars support team. Please make sure you only purchase domains through registrars that support regular http:// forwarding. We do not support DNS, domain masking or IP forwarding at this time.

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