Adding Your Email Signature & Global Snippets

If you load follow-up message campaigns, you will need to see if those message contain a Signature and Global Snippets. Your Signature is set up in your aWeber list settings. The Global Snippets are set up in your list settings and tell aWeber to replace the snippets in each follow-up message with the text snippet you provide. 

For example, if your follow-up message contain a global snippet {!global website}, you need to set up a Global Text Snippet named "website" with the URL to the website you want people to go to when they are reading your follow-up emails. 


How To Create Your Signature & Global Snippets

STEP 1: Login to your aWeber account at

STEP 2: Choose the email list you want to work with then go to "List Options" --> "List Settings":


STEP 3: Click the link that says "Personalize Your List" as shown below:


STEP 4: Enter the Email Signature you want to display at the end of your follow-up emails:


STEP 5: In the Global Text Snippets section enter the Name of your snippet and the text you want to be inserted as the Text Snippet. Then click the "Add" button, then the "Save Settings" button:


If you successfully created your website global snippet, your Snippet Text will display in your follow-up messages if you have that Global Snippet inserted in the body of each follow-up message . You can test your follow-up messages by sending them to yourself to make sure they are working properly.



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