Creating & Managing Sub-Accounts

Sub-accounts allow you to run completely separate campaigns and aWeber email lists for different marketing purposes. If you are subscribed to one of our replicated marketing systems for a particular company, you can user sub-accounts to integrate a different Company Username. Sub-accounts also allow you to create additional custom-content media sites for different purposes in the CreateCloud. To get sub-account credits you must be subscribed to the Lightning or Thunderstorm plan. Upgrade here if you are subscribed to the Spark plan and want to set up sub-accounts.

How To Create A Sub-Account

STEP 1: Login to The Sky Panel at

STEP 2: Go to "Account" --> "Sub-Accounts":

You may be prompted to log in with your email and password:


STEP 2: Once in the Membership Portal Sub-Accounts section click the "New Record" button:


STEP 3: Enter a unique Site ID, password, name and email for the sub-account then click the "Save" button. After you should see your sub-account details like the example below:


After you have created your sub-account it will be displayed on the sub-accounts page (example below). You can visit and log in with your new sub-account email address and password. You can then begin creating your site on this account in the CreateCloud and access the unique sharing URL's in the StormShare section.



STEP 4 (Replicated systems only): If you are subscribed to one of our replicated systems for a particular company, after you create your sub-account you will need to login to the Sky Panel for this sub-account and add and save your Company Username in the CreateCloud section. This links your replicated marketing system account with your company's buy/join page.


Important: A unique email address is required for each sub-account you set up. If you want to change the email, password or site ID for a sub-account you can do so by clicking the edit icon on the right-side of the sub-account you want to manage. Also, all sub-accounts are connected to your main account. To access membership/group content or manage your subscription you need to login with your main account information. If your main account subscription is canceled or downgraded, it will affect any sub-accounts you have set up.  

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