Getting Started with StormShare

What is StormShare?

StormShare allows you to share what you want, how you want.  Promote your content in multiple ways WITHOUT having to build additional pages. Want to capture email addresses from certain visitors but not from others? Or want certain people to view certain pages but not others? StormShare allows you to do this and more by providing a selection of share links using the same content from the CreateCloud.


Accessing & Using StormShare

STEP 1: Log in to The Sky Panel at

STEP 2: Go to the StormShare section and choose how many pages you want to share (Single page or multi-page templates):


STEP 3: Make sure you have the required and optional content saved in your CreateCloud for the template you want to share:


STEP 4: After saving the required and optional content in your CreateCloud, click the "View It Live" button to see that template in action. Once you're happy with your site page(s), grab the Unique Sharing URL as displayed and start sharing!


Cool Fact: Remember, StormShare allows you to share multiple links at the same time by pulling the required content from your CreateCloud. As long as you have the required content saved in your CreateCloud, as explained for each StormShare template, you'll be able to share any of these URL's simultaneously! Once your CreateCloud is set up with your content go ahead and view your various URL's live to see first-hand how StormShare presents your content.


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