Navigating The Sky

The Sky is where you get creative with the CreateCloud site builder, get access to your various share links through StormShare, and view your website reports/stats.

Here's how to access each section of The Sky:

This is the main dashboard page when you log in. You can easily access the CreateCloud and StormShare sections, navigate the various section of the Help Center, and access our social media pages. The Knowledge Base, support and account sections are accessible on the top right. 


This is where the magic happens. Create and edit the content on your site pages such as personal display information, headings, media, site buttons, links, lead capture, custom site coding/elements and more! > Learn More


Our technology dynamically builds you multiple templates based on the content you provide in the CreateCloud. You can view all your various share links for single and multi-page sites here. Displayed are the required and optional page elements you need to have saved in the CreateCloud in order to use the StormShare link > Learn More


This is where you access pre-designed page elements such as backgrounds and buttons for use on your site pages. There are 3 sub-sections: 

Pre-Designed Backgrounds
Browse the available pre-designed background images for use on your site. This page is also accessible from the CreateCloud.

Pre-Designed Buttons
Browse the available pre-designed call-to action, navigation and footer buttons for use on your site. These buttons are also accessible from the CreateCloud.

Button Designer
Want to create your own buttons? This is where you can do it! There are two different button design engines available. Simply design your button, download it and the upload it using one of the various options. Grab the direct URL and enter it into the appropriate place in the CreateCloud.


Aerial View
This is where you can get performance snapshots and view website statistics:

Quick Stats
Get a snapshot of your raw and unique page views and your lead counts/conversion ratios (if you share lead capture links.) View reports for custom periods and dates by using the Advanced Filter.

If you use any of your lead capture StormShare links, when visitors fill out forms on your website pages they will show up as leads in this section. View the information your leads filled out on the form and use the Advanced Search. You can also export any leads to CSV for pre-defined search periods.


This is where you manage your MarketBolt profile, subscription and sub-accounts and access membership or group-specific content. You will be asked to log in to your Membership Portal (if you are not already) with the same email/password.

My Profile
Change your account contact information or change your password.

View your current subscription and past payments, update your payment/billing information or upgrade your membership.

Create additional accounts if you have any sub-accounts available. Each account you create needs to have its own unique email. (Sub-accounts are only available on the Lightning and Thunderstorm plans. They are used to activate CloudFuse to create 5+ page sites or to create additional sites for different purposes.)

Membership/Group Content
Access plan or group-specific content. If you subscribed through specific group or custom branded MarketBolt system this is where you can access pre-designed site pages and page elements for that particular system.


Top Menu
Quick access to important help documents, support and account information including:

Knowledge Base
Browse all of our help center articles and tutorials. Ask questions and participate in community discussions.

If your question isn't answered in our Knowledge Base you can submit a support ticket here.

Quick access to your Membership Portal where you can edit your account profile, billing information, subscription plan, sub-accounts, password and access private membership/group content.


Questions Tab
Located on the right of every page in The Sky, this is a great place to get quick answers to your questions. Ask a question and our smart search will deliver answers from the Knowledge Base. If no answer is available, your question can be submitted instantly to our support team.


When you are finished playing around in The Sky panel you can click the Logout link for a safe landing back on earth :)


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