Adding Follow-Up Message Series Using Campaign Codes

If you are part of a group that has access to pre-written follow-up messages (autoresponders) and have a campaign code, you can enter the code in your aWeber account to begin using the follow-up messages when people opt into your email list. 

To use follow-up messages you must share the site links that have lead capture functionality enabled and have already entered your aWeber List ID in your CreateCloud.


How To Load Follow-Up Message Campaigns

STEP 1: Login to your aWeber account at

STEP 2: Choose the email list you want to work with then go to "Messages" --> "Follow Up Series":


STEP 3: Click the link that says "Campaign Sharing" as shown below:


STEP 4: Enter the campaign code in the box and click "Load Campaign":


If you successfully loaded the campaign your follow-up messages will display on the page. You can then click on each message to either test it or edit it as needed. 


Tips & Tricks

  • You can create your own follow-up messages or edit existing ones. If you want to share your own follow-up message campaigns you can do so by turning on Campaign Sharing. You will be given a campaign code you can then share with others if you want them to access your custom campaign.
  • After loading a campaign you can change when each message gets sent out to those that opt-into your email list. (Example: 1 day after the last message, 2 days after, etc.)
  • If your campaign includes Global Snippets inside the messages, be sure you add the required Global Snippets in your email list settings. (Example a global snippet that says {!global website} requires that you add a Global Snippet named "website" that points to your website URL
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