Upgrading Your Subscription

You can upgrade your subscription and/or billing period at any time in the Membership  Portal. Upgrading allows you to access more page views, sub-accounts and other plan-specific features included with the Lightning & Thunderstorm plans. Choosing longer billing periods will also save you 20% or more on your subscription. 

How To Upgrade Your Subscription

STEP 1: Login to The Sky Panel at

STEP 2: Go to "Account" --> "Payments/Upgrades":

You may be prompted to log in with your email and password:


STEP 3: Once in the Membership Portal --> Payments/Upgrades section click the blue "upgrade" link as shown below:


STEP 4: Your upgrade options will show in a pop-up window. Select the plan you want to upgrade to then click the "Upgrade Subscription" button:


Confirm your upgrade on the next screen and that's it! You'll immediately have access to the features and benefits of the plan you selected. Any money you paid on your previous plan will be prorated and applied to your upgrade, based on the time remaining on your previous subscription.


Important Note About PayPal

If you are upgrading a subscription that you set up through PayPal, after upgrading, you will need to login to PayPal at and cancel your initial subscription from your account activity history. Otherwise, you'll have 2 active subscriptions through PayPal; your first subscription and the upgraded subscription. This action is only required if you paid through PayPal.



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