Using & Sharing 4-Page Site Links

Your MarketBolt account allows you to create a 4-page site with unique links for lead capture and no lead capture. (Note: If you want to create another 4-page site you can create sub-accounts on the Lightning or Thunderstorm plan. Upgrade here to get more sub-accounts.)


How To Use & Share 4-Page Site Links

STEP 1: Log in to The Sky Panel at

STEP 2: Go to "StormShare" --> "4-Page Templates":


STEP 3: Make sure you have the required and optional content saved in your CreateCloud for the template you want to share as shown:


STEP 4: View the site live to make sure it is set up the way you want it, then grab the Unique Sharing URL and start sharing!


Remember: StormShare's power lies in its ability to host multiple site templates and links simultaneously based on the content you provide in the CreateCloud. You can share various lead capture links, non-lead capture links, or single and multi-page templates with the same content at the same time! This allows you to cater how you share your content, depending on your target audience. It just one of the things that makes MarketBolt so unique :)



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