Accessing The Member Areas

There are two main services MarketBolt offers: Custom replicated marketing systems for companies/teams, and a custom media landing page builder called CreateCloud. There are separate member areas for each.


How to access your replicated marketing system member area:

Note: This only applies if you subscribed to one of our custom replicated systems that provides turn-key pre-built marketing pages for a particular product and/or company. 

1. Visit the marketing system signup page URL where you first subscribed

2. Click the "Members" button on the top-right of that sales page to access the member area

We recommend bookmarking that page for ease of access in the future. You can access all of the other member areas directly from that page.  You can also access this custom member area from the Membership Portal as described below.


There are 3 other areas you have access to:

The Sky  |

  • Access the CreateCloud to add your photo, display information, company username (replicated systems only) and to create and edit custom content pages
  • Access StormShare where you can view your various share links for custom content pages you set up in the CreateCloud
  • Access AerialView to get website traffic stats and lead snapshots

Membership Portal  |

  • Access special locked content depending on your membership plan
  • Access private group sections & content (if you signed up through a specific group/company that has a custom replicated system with MarketBolt)
  • Create your sub-accounts (Lightning & Thunderstorm plan only)
  • Upgrade/change your membership plan
  • Edit your payment information
  • Edit your account profile and/or password

Help Center  |

  • View the Knowledge Base
  • Ask questions & participate in discussion
  • Contact our support team if your question isn't answered

Note: You can login to The Sky and the Membership Portal with the same email/password. You will be asked to create a password for the Help Center. It can be the same as your account password or something different.



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