Using CloudFuse (To Create 5+ Page Sites)

CloudFuse allows you to create 5 to 8 page websites by combining your main account with a sub-account. To use this feature you must be subscribed to the Lightning or Thunderstorm plan. Upgrade here if you are subscribed to the Spark plan and want to unlock CloudFuse.

How To Use CloudFuse

STEP 1: Create a Sub-Account

Go to "Account" --> "Sub-Accounts" in The Sky Panel:

You may be prompted to log in with your email and password:

Once in the Membership Portal Sub-Accounts section click the "New Record" button:

Enter a unique Site ID, password, name and email for the sub-account then click the "Save" button.

After you should see your sub-account details like the example below:


STEP 2: Creating Your 5+ Page Website

1. Log in to The Sky Panel at

2. Go to "StormShare" --> "5+ Page Templates"

Choose how many pages you want to build and follow the instructions for that particular template. You will be shown the content required for the 1st account (your main account) and the 2nd account (the sub-account), which you will need to put in the CreateCloud for both accounts. 

After setting up your CreateCloud for the 1st and 2nd account, you are ready to use the share URL for that particular template.

Click here to for more on how StormShare and the templates work


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