Choosing Your Footer Buttons & URLs

Your buttons and URLs are optional and are displayed on your site's pages in the footer on the bottom-right. You can have up to 4 footer buttons and here is where each is displayed:

When your site visitors click any of these buttons your "Footer Button URLs" designate where they go. You can send them to an external web page or use these buttons to link to the various pages of your MarketBolt site (if using multi-page share links.)


How To Set Your Footer Buttons & URLs

STEP 1: Log into The Sky at

STEP 2: Click on the "Start Creating" button on the main page:


STEP 3: Once in the CreateCloud go to "Choose your footer buttons & URLs":


STEP 4: Click "View Your Button Options" to browse available pre-designed call-to-action buttons (opens in popup window):


STEP 5: Click the "Copy" button under the button you want to use:


STEP 6: Close then window then paste the button image URL into the appropriate footer button box in the CreateCloud. (You can click Control+V or Command+V to paste or right-click on your mouse and select paste.)


STEP 7: Enter your footer URL for the correlating button starting with http://


STEP 8: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button:

That's all there is to it! Check out your changes live by heading over to StormShare!


Tips & Tricks

Don't want to use certain footer buttons?
You certainly don't have to! Because some browsers may display a broken image link on your site if you don't want to use a particular footer button just enter this URL for the button image: (Note: You can leave the footer URL box blank.)

Want to use or create your own button?
No problem! Just enter the Direct URL (ends in .jpg or .png) to where it is hosted online and click "Save". You can try out the Button Designer in the CreateCloud to create your own buttons. Members on the Thunderstorm plan also have access to the editable PSD files to make your own footer buttons in any color. If you want access to these files and are not a Thunderstorm member upgrade here. 

Want to use different buttons & URLs for different purposes?
Once you select your footer buttons and URLs they are the same on all pages and site templates. If you are marketing single page templates (such as one for a livestream/webcast and one for a lead capture page) select buttons and URL's that works for all site pages you have set up. 

Lightning & Thunderstorm plans allow you to create sub-accounts (1 sub-account on the Lightning plan and 2 sub-accounts on the Thunderstorm plan). This allows you to set up and create completely different site pages with unique footer buttons as well as all other site elements. This is useful if you are wanting to create completely different web pages for different purposes. Upgrade here if you do not have this feature.



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