I can't find my replicated marketing system site links

If you subscribed to a custom marketing system we created for a particular company, there is a private member area to access your site links, tutorials and other content for that marketing system.  You were directed to this page after you subscribed, and the link is also emailed to you, but if you forgot how to access it follow these instructions.


How to access your replicated marketing system member area:


1. Visit the marketing system signup page URL where you first subscribed

2. Click the "Members" button on the top-right of that sales page to access the member area


1. Login to your Membership/Billing Portal at

2. Click the "Pre-Built Site" button in the top menu

3. You'll see the link to the member area for the system you subscribed to.


Note:  We recommend bookmarking the member area URL for the system you are subscribed to for ease of access in the future.  


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